I'm Tay Tsen Waye, or simply, Waye. A trained journalist, I worked as an editor/producer with a TV news channel in Singapore. I have also been a reporter in print and radio. As a communication specialist, I have lent my expertise in public relations, editing, publishing and writing to both non-profit and commercial organisations. Before now, my interests in corporate social responsibility have led to positions managing regional programmes for a cosmetics and toiletries MNC in areas of sustainable development, ethical trade and community engagement for both the company and staff. I travel the world with my lens on humanity and the natural and built environment, as well as volunteer wherever possible with charities tackling human rights issues. Always learning, my discovery of free, online education has led to, perhaps, an overly ambitious subscription to a number of humanities and social sciences courses. Other interests that keep me on the straight and narrow, include feeding my insatiable appetite for film, music and literature. An occasional whisky fires up the soul.

You can view my TV features here.